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3 min readMar 15, 2023
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The Sangyan | द संज्ञान — Drishtikon | दृष्टिकोण

An endeavour of The Sangyan bringing research papers, blogs, columns, comments, factsheets, and book and movie reviews, among other academic and associated endeavours, on the subject matter concerning social, economic, political, legal, environmental, and developmental themes and their intersectionalities.

Peer-reviewed Published Articles —

  1. Abhishek Kumar (2018) Economic Development and Environmental Justice: Cruel Conundrum or Symbiotic Relationship? (We Can Have Plan B, but No Planet B!), Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy, 21:1, 11–22, DOI: 10.1080/13880292.2018.1439693
  2. Baseline Report on the Impact of Climate Change on Persons with Disabilities by Adv. Abhishek Kumar
  3. We need a Disability-led Climate Action, UNICEF — Voices of Youth, by Adv. Abhishek Kumar
  4. Climate Resilient and Accessible Architecture, Digital Symposium on “Beyond Vulnerability: The Rights and Agency of People with Disabilities in the Climate Crisis”, nested in the Bill of Health parent blog via Harvard Law School Project on Disability (HPOD), the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School, and the Disability-Inclusive Climate Action Research Programme (DICARP) at McGill Law Faculty by Adv. Abhishek Kumar and Ar. Kavya Poornima Balajepalli
  5. Disability in Modern India: Laws & Policies by Adv. Abhishek Kumar
  6. Victim Compensation: An Indian Perspective, Delhi Law Review Student Edition, Vol. 5, 2016–17 by Abhishek Kumar and Himanshu Pabreja.

Research Articles and Blog Posts —

  1. Disaster and Disability: Indian Legal Framework
  2. Common But Differentiated Responsibility to Combat Climate Change: A Jurisprudential Perspective
  3. Climate Change and Disability: International Legal Framework
  4. Climate Change, Disability, and the Capability Approach
  5. Intellectual Property in Sports — Ambush Marketing
  6. Climate Refugees: Disaster and Climate-induced Migration and Displacement of People with Disabilities
  7. Assessing the Groundwater Situation in Northern India
  8. Ukraine-Russia Conflict and Its Fallouts for the Indian Agriculture Sector and Water Stress
  9. Status of Disability Inclusion in Disaster Risk Management: Indian Perspective
  10. Beyond Environmental Issues: Climate Change as Social, Economic, and Political Concerns
  11. Heatwave And Disability
  12. Wildlife Crimes: Legal Framework
  13. Impact of Climate Change on Employment and Livelihood of People with Disabilities
  14. Locating Sex Workers within the Realm of Labour Laws
  15. Impact of Climate Change on the Health of Persons with Disabilities
  16. Ban on Single-Use Plastic and Eco-Ableism
  17. Right against Self-Incrimination within the Money Laundering Regime (Article 20(3) vis-à-vis § 50)
  18. State Responsibility under Paris Agreement — A “Legally Binding Treaty” or Not?
  19. Historical, But Is It Inclusive? — A comment on the UNGA Resolution on the Request for an Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice on the obligations of States regarding climate change from the disability perspective.
  20. झारखंड सरकार के 2023 बजट अभिभाषण पर विकलांग अधिकार संबंधी टिपण्णी
  21. Disability-Inclusive Climate Justice: Case Studies from India
  22. Survey on Impact of Climate Change on Persons with Disabilities: Results and Analysis
  23. Climate Change, Disability, Gender and Abuse: Making A Case for Disaggregated Data
  24. Climate and Assistive Technology
  25. अधिकार मांग-पत्र: विकलांगता न्याय कार्य के लिए आह्वान — अधिवक्ता अभिषेक कुमार और वास्तुकार काव्या पूर्णिमा बालाजेपल्ली
  26. Why Policy Matters?
  27. Ink for Inclusion InitiativeToolkit for Inclusive and Accessible Elections by Adv. Abhishek Kumar and Ar. Kavya Poornima Balajepalli

Field Visits and Reports —

  1. Field Report: Accessibility of Golden Blue Flag Beach at Puri by Adv. Abhishek Kumar and Ar. Kavya Poornima Balajepalli
  2. Climate Change, Disability, Gender and Abuse: Making A Case for Disaggregated Data [Field Report from Jharkhand on Climate change-induced Violence against Women]
  3. Field Experience: Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change ft. #CBA18

Here are the Published Factsheets to date —

  1. Snapshot of Indian Electors 2024 by Adv. Abhishek Kumar and Ar. Kavya Poornima Balajepalli
  2. Disability In Jharkhand, India
  3. Wildlife Crimes in India
  4. Disability-inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DiDRR)
  5. Accessible India Campaign — India (2023) by Adv. Abhishek Kumar and Ar. Kavya Poornima Balajepalli

Prepared by —

Abhishek Kumar, NCPEDP-Javed Abidi Fellow on Disability

Ideator, Curator, and Founder — The Sangyan and Ulgulan Talks!

The author can be reached at abhishek.ncpedp@gmail.com



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